Thursday 3 August 2017

I fought people who tried to stand between me and what I do – Rev. Edet

He faced many battles while he was Catholic priest. Many fought him because of his charismatic way of doing things, which they see as “Uncatholic”. The Man in the news, Reverend Patrick Henry Edet has divulged why he fought (instinctively) anybody who tried to stand between him and what he does. Read below…

“I am ready to die rather than give up what I do. I chose to die rather than live not doing what I believe is the reason of ministry. So I fight, instinctively without having to think anybody and anything who comes my way or tries to stand between me and what I do. That is the only reason why I gave up my personal life to do what I do. That doesn’t mean I am correct all the time, right all the time but I just believe that we need to learn and make mistakes in the process. So my resigning now is first of all to honour God and follow my spirit with God and have peace and to avoid future conflict and clash with the Bishop that has shown me so much love. And because at my ordination I pledged to the Bishop and his successor obedience, so I cannot stay in the institution and disobey. In order to disobey, I have to first of all leave the authority and walk away from the fear of that influence, so that my action would no longer be judged as rebellion within the institution for I am free.

“So I sing to God’s love today, for the courage He has given me to move on. I pray for all those who are broken, for those who will condemn me. I don’t even need to say I forgive you, you are right in your thinking but just that you don’t know everything. You don’t know what has been in my life, you don’t know my motive, you don’t know why I live, you don’t know who called me, how I was called and the covenant I have with God. You don’t know where I am going to, you don’t know what matters to me. So you may judge me according to the church’s standard but it is not the church that called me. It is God who called me and he is above the church. And my interest has been to be right with him first and to have peace with others around me. Rightness and holiness before Him are greater than every other time. Anytime I am in crisis have been the time I have lost peace with God.”

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