Thursday 3 August 2017

I found it difficult to love and trust people around me – Patrick Edet

Reverend Patrick Henry Edet in his radio program, spoke more about his resignation as Catholic Priest.
“I am aware of the brokenness this has caused or this will cause a lot of people. My own family members, as I speak I have not spoken to anybody, I have not consulted anybody. I informed just one person in December that I was thinking of something. I already knew rejection was coming. So, I sign up for anything that will come that God will permit. My relentless desire to make others know God without any human monitoring and threat and blackmail of not being correct enough. For those who are broken, I have these words for you. I have been broken for years, I have lived without peace for
years. I have lived without rest for months. I have judged myself before any other person would judge me. I tried condemning myself before any other person could do. I have tried criticizing myself. I have examined myself. I have examined motives. Someone sent text to me referring to Lucifer, that Lucifer was a proud person and that Lucifer failed because of pride. That is the kind of judgment I expected and I’m happy people are saying it. Whether someone would find it convenient to judge and condemn me, somebody will never know the process I have been through to reach where I am. That the reason I do this is that I want to be right with God first. I want to have peace serving God. I want to go to heaven when I die. And I don’t want to allow my destiny and my future and my salvation to be determined by negativity, and the contention I have been through for years, the blackmails, condemnations, the accusations.
“In the process, I found it very difficult to even love those around. I found it difficult to trust those I should trust. The scripture says seek peace with all men. Seeking peace with all men and seeking holiness without which no man can see God. You cannot say you are serving God and you cannot have peace with those around you. When all you see is distrust, lack of trust, you hear more of condemnation and criticism, it is like you are wrong and you are in a wrong place. And for me, it would have been the most hypocritical thing on earth for me to live and die in that condition. Because all I ever wanted was not status, was not fame, was not a cassock, is not garment, apparels and paraphernalia. All I ever wanted was to bring others to love God and to serve God. I realized in my prayers and seeking God that I can do this and leave the space for those who think that I am not right. So that others can have peace and I can have peace and I do not have to hate somebody. My conscience is more important to me than gold and treasure. In the process I have made mistakes and mistakes and mistakes. But I have always told God, I prefer to make mistakes in the process of serving you than just staying and refraining in order to be right.”

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