Thursday 3 August 2017

I would have resigned long ago if not for Bishop John Ayah – Patrick Edet

The trendiest man in Akwa Ibom at the moment, former Reverend Father Patrick Henry Edet has dropped a hint that he would have resigned long ago if not for the Bishop of Uyo Diocese of the Catholic Church, Bishop John Ayah. The Mbo born Reverend dropped the hint yesterday during his live radio program, saying Ayah gave him the reason the hang on a little bit more, defending him openly and giving him a pat on the back publicly where necessary.

“I am very sincerely grateful to the Catholic Church. My Bishop, and the Bishop that ordained me, my friends, the institution, St Joseph’s Seminary where I spent 8 years, 16 semesters of studies in philosophy and theology and the related disciplines. I am truly, truly, sincerely grateful. Some years back God inspired me to go and re-roof the Chapel of the seminary and the 3 hostels of the seminary. I didn’t know why but God just wanted me to say thank you. God knew one day I would walk away from all I have ever had. And God knows I have been grateful. And I will live all my life seeking a different way to show gratitude to the Catholic Church in hidden ways that nobody else would know except me and God. I am grateful to John Ayah the Bishop of Uyo who came and gave me hope that I could hold on for some time. He spoke on my behalf publicly. He defended me at some moments. He publicly praised me and gave me gifts. I saw him as my opportunity to hang on but in the process I also feared something. Very soon, those who have always looked for opportunity to blackmail me will take over, and that I would have started having issues with him.”

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