Thursday 3 August 2017

Why I had to throw away the fame, stardom and comfort of being a Catholic priest – Rev. Patrick Edet

Renowned man of God, Rev. Patrick Henry Edet is currently setting the media space abuzz with his resignation as a Catholic priest. The radio preacher resigned as catholic priest last month but after announcing his decision via his radio program on Planet FM, mouths are wagging on what could have prompted his decision. Below is what he said about his throwing in the towel as Catholic priest…

“It is a great thing to be a Catholic priest. It is an enviable thing. It gives someone instant stardom. Instant fame. Instant access to everywhere. Once you say I am a catholic priest, doors open for you. It is a great thing. My issues in life for years and for months in a very intense level, do I stay in this comfortable box and let go of the freedom that is burning in my heart. The search for more. To express God more, to seek God more, to follow God more. And to go beyond the lines that are drawn for me. For each time I try to cross the line, what I meet crushes me on the inside. And always feel guilty that I’m not supposed to even do it. I cannot stop seeking doing it but there is a pool inside of me telling me there is more and life was meant to be more and that more is found in freedom in God. So I started fasting and praying. It has taken me years of reflection. The last seven months has been very intense for me. Fasting and praying on daily basis for a decision to either stay in that comfortable box and wear cassock and be better than every other person and have status that is reverable and revered everywhere in the world. Or to step out of the box and do away with everything and have only God and His love in my heart and to seek to be right before Him more than I seek to be right before any human authority in the church and Catholic opinions, standards and traditions. It is the greatest decision any man on earth can take. I was born into a very conservative Catholic family. I heard the story of the faith of my father. I have been inspired by that.
My future, I came to discover is not behind me in what I have seen. My future is in what I am seeing in front of me. I had to contradict myself and everything I have ever known. I had to throw away the comfort I have had, the assurance of an organization that is impeccable in organization and order. That makes you comfortable if you want to be. I gave that up.”

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