Saturday 5 August 2017

Lagos lodge controversy: We are misunderstood, misquoted and misconstrued but it doesn’t matter – Udom

Amid the controversy and public outcry, Governor Udom Emmanuel has hinted that the reason for planning to build a new Governor’s Lodge in Lagos may be misconstrued. He stated this as his own opinion on the raging issue via a post on his Facebook page. Read more after the cut…

"My administration will always prioritize the welfare of my people irrespective of the negative criticism from detractors. Someone called me last night and said "I beg you in the name of God please don’t spend 9.1bn to build a lodge in Lagos." You know when you have a theocentric Government, when they don’t have anything to say against you, they fabricate stories. Despite their antics, power comes from God and there can only be one Governor at a time. I believe it is important that God-fearing people show active interest in politics so as to drain the swamp of politics with bitterness, politics of personal destruction, politics of blackmail and character assassinations, among other vices.
“My administration is God-inspired and driven by Christian values; easily seen by love, transparency, humility and charity towards everyone irrespective of political interests. Those who constantly wish us ill, we don’t wish them bad, for those who constantly write spurious and labourious stories about us, we bless them with our spiritual fruits of love and charity. I remember months ago, we wanted to do something and someone told me that I was a first timer therefore, I should not spend huge money on the underground drainage project. He noted that tricycle riders go there to wash their tricycles whenever it rains, and emphasized that nobody will see or appreciate the project. But I went ahead because my undying passion is to serve my people and not to seek vain glory and applause.
“So, sometimes we will be misunderstood, sometimes we will be misquoted and have our sincere intentions misconstrued but it doesn’t matter. What matters most is our conscience and sincerity of purpose. I am very sure that with time people will understand and appreciate certain key decisions we had to take at certain times and seasons. Let us therefore eschew the politics of bitterness, gear up with one mind, uphold Godly values and tell the world that government can indeed be a force for the good of the people."

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