Thursday 3 August 2017

Patrick Edet: No woman enticed me to resign as Catholic priest

Reverend P. H. Edet has dispelled rumours that he is enticed rumours that he was enticed by things of the world to resign as a Catholic priest. He said no woman nor man enticed him to leave his position in the Catholic church. He put in his resignation on 31st July, 2017. Read more after the cut…

“From 31st of July, I cease to be a Catholic priest in my thinking, in my spirit, in my soul, in my body, and I didn’t just wake up one day to take that decision. No man is out there enticing me there to come out, no woman is out there inviting, no offer, nothing elsewhere. I have only God in my heart. I have His love in my heart and His Spirit in my soul. I have hope only in God for as long as God is God and is on the throne, I will serve Him. That is the covenant that I accepted ordination in the year 2013. That is the covenant for which I live today. That covenant will remain forever until he comes and that is the covenant on which I will judge my success. Any day I no longer love Him, serve Him, that is my failure. Whether I walk bare feet on the street, whether I trek without a bicycle, that for me means nothing because that was not the reason which I was born. I was born for God and I have declared today openly that I live for God. Judge me if you want to, I will never have any issue with you. I will not say I forgive you because you have not offended me. You are just airing your opinion. And in destiny human opinion does not count, it is what God thinks and says about me that counts. And what counts again is what I say about myself and what I think about myself.”

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