Thursday 3 August 2017

Rev. Patrick Edet: There was too much contention for the small space I was given in Catholic Church

Reverend Patrick Henry is the man currently trending in Akwa Ibom State. His resignation as a Catholic priest is the hottest topic of discussion. The charismatic man of God said he was given a small space to operate in while he was in Catholic Church but he discovered that he needed freedom and more space to serve God the way he wants. Read more below…

“For years, I started seeking God, I said how do I get my peace back, how do I live freely, and do what I do in peace and be happy. I discovered that the space given to me in the Catholic Church as a minister is so small and too much contention for that small space. The Catholic Church is the best institution that has ever been built. So organized. No nation, no country can rival the Catholic Church in organization, in the finesse of organization and order. Their education is excellent, the culture is impeccable but it comes with a package. A package I discovered is a limitation. That a box is already made for you, you cannot go outside that box, you cannot know God beyond that box, you cannot express God beyond that box. And any attempt to go beyond that box brings you label, brings you judgment. The God I have discovered in life in reading the scripture and relating with Him in the spirit, is a God that cannot be fully known. He’s a God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow but who reveals Himself in diverse ways, anew, afresh in every season, every time. That God is a God that cannot be fully predicted, that cannot be fully captured in human expression, otherwise He will cease to be a mystery. That is a God I have come to accept as my God. The God who touched my life and gave me a call. And I have come to realize that serving that God, you need freedom. You live for Him, He gives you freedom, and when that freedom is limited you cannot fully serve that purpose. This has been my dilemma. Do I stay in a box, beautiful comfortable box?”, he said.

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