Thursday 3 August 2017

Only few people can have the courage to resign like I did – Rev. Edet

Reverend Patrick Henry Edet spoke on a local radio station, Planet Radio on the why he resigned as a Catholic priest. He said resigning as a catholic priest is the hardest decision one can make and it is only few people can have courage to resign like he did. More after the cut…

“On the 31st of July, I resigned from my services, my duties and obligations as a Catholic priest. I did that consciously without consulting anybody. Without having to depend on any human judgment. I did that I have taken full responsibility. It took me seven months of daily fast and prayer, of reading the scripture, waking up at night to cry to God for peace, for direction because I know it is a decision of life. Only a few people on earth can have the courage or the boldness to do this and I realize I have been given that grace to do it. So I resigned as a Catholic Priest on the 31st day of July. Yesterday was the 1st of August but it was my first day outside the laws, the regulations, the authority of the Catholic Church in my mind. Every law that bound me bound me because I submitted myself to the church in that nature as an institution. Having submitted my resignation letter to my authorities in the Catholic Church, in my spirit, soul and body I am free from every law that guided me. I submit myself to one authority, God and His Holy Spirit and Christ in the revelation of His Word in the scripture.  And to submit myself to the fellowship and mentorship of those I believe are ahead of me, who share the same vision I share, the same passion I share or the same mission that I have.”

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